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Child's Blue Willow Tea Set

Child's Blue Willow Tea Set
13 pieces

Blue Willow offers romantic imagery of a legend based on two Chinese lovers. The deep blue on white pattern depicts a Chinese landscape with bridges, houses, a river and trees. Two doves, reincarnations of fugitive lovers, can be seen at the top of the picture living "happily ever after." Blue Willow is the most popular china pattern ever produced. In the 1790s the Spode factory in England created the pattern we are familiar with today.

Teapot: 4" high by 5.25" wide, holds 6 fl oz
Creamer: 2" high by 2.25" wide
Sugar Bowl: 3" high by 3.5" wide
Cups: 2.25" in diameter, hold 1.5 fl oz.
Saucers: 3.25" wide

Price: $34.95

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Out of stock