Christmas and Concerto Crackers

Christmas and Concerto Crackers

Christmas Crackers

Invented in England in 1847, Christmas crackers are still an integral part of their yuletide celebration today. Traditionally each person at the table crosses their arms and holds one end of the cracker. On the count of three everyone pulls on one end, 'cracking' them open to reveal candy, trinkets, jokes and a paper crown fit for a king.  

These hand-made, 10” Christmas crackers are produced by the oldest established Christmas cracker company in the UK.

Concerto Crackers

The sheet music design makes these crackers a good choice any time of the year for those musically inclined. Each cracker contains a different pitched horn which allows you to create your own band. By using the included printed music, you can play both every day and Christmas songs. Includes a wooden baton for conducting the impromptu octet.

Christmas Crackers 

Wrapped with Christmas tree images and decorated with red foil end pieces and red bows at the gathers. Each cracker contains a paper crown (folded tissue party hat), a motto riddle, and a small toy or game.

Boxed set of 8                  


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