Cigars and Spirits in Shriver's Saloon

Fine Liquors & Cigars
Friday, November 20th, 2015
5:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Reservations required

The Shriver House Museum is offering a special event to commemorate Remembrance Day, ‘Cigars and Spirits in Shriver’s Saloon’. Experiencing the smoke of a fine cigar will be accompanied by a sampling of spirits - of the liquid variety. 

 Cigar and Spirits in Shriver’s Saloon will include cigars from Trans Heritage Tobacco Company's signature line - J. Castañón Minuteman. Dave Corradetti, a representative of Trans Heritage Tobacco, will provide a brief history of cigar-making in Pennsylvania. Like a fine wine, he will explain how to appreciate the elements of a fine cigar and basic cigar etiquette. The Minuteman is created using antique cigar molds from the 19th and early 20th century. It features Brazilian tobacco, which has been aged at least ten years, grown exclusively for Trans Heritage Tobacco. Crafted entirely by hand in the old Cuban tradition, it is medium in strength and full bodied, yet blended for all palates to enjoy. Dave will ensure a great smoking experience by assisting guests in cutting and lighting the perfect cigar. A selection of cigars made by Trans Heritage Tobacco Company will also be available for purchase.

The spirits portion of the evening will be presented by Yianni Barakos who will talk about his soon to open Mason Dixon Distillery on Water Street in Gettysburg. Barakos is using rye and corn grown on the battlefield in the production of a variety of liquors. He will share his knowledge of local liquor manufacturing in the mid-19th century while offering a sampling of spirits from Mason Dixon Distillery. The perfect complement to a fine cigar.

 George Shriver was raised on a large farm south of Gettysburg which included hundreds of acres of corn and three still-houses that produced vast quantities of rye whiskey, gin, apple brandy, and more. When he sold his farm to open Shriver’s Saloon in Gettysburg, more than 3,000 gallons of liquor were listed in his household inventory.  The evening will include a tour of Shriver’s home to learn how he went from manufacturing whiskey to constructing his saloon on Baltimore Street in Gettysburg in 1860.

The cost is $20 per person; must be 18 and over. To make reservations, call the Shriver House Museum at 717-337-2800.