Confederates Take the Shriver House!
The Battle of Gettysburg and the Aftermath

Confederate soldier
Saturday July 2nd, 2016

      5:00 till 9:00 pm                   
Confederate sharpshooter
During the Battle of Gettysburg Confederate sharpshooters took over the Shrivers’ home to shoot rifles from the attic window, furnishings from the house were used to build a barricade in the street, and the house and grounds were used to treat the wounded. The Shriver House Museum will reenact the ‘Fourth Day’ of the Battle of Gettysburg, the aftermath, to demonstrate what occurred during those three days of horror that terrified the citizens of Gettysburg.

When the battle ended, the town was left in total devastation - extremely poor sanitary conditions, the water was contaminated, and not a crumb of food left in town. In addition to approximately 12,000 dead men and horses, more than 21,000 seriously wounded soldiers were left behind when both sides departed. Taking care of the wounded and cleaning up the devastation was left to local citizens who were overwhelmed by the situation. The Battle of Gettysburg was undoubtedly frightening for the citizens of this historic town. But the end of the battle was truly the beginning of the nightmare for civilians who had never been exposed to the incredible horrors of war.
Reenacting doctor
Step back in time to understand how the battle affected one family who called Gettysburg ‘home’ in 1863:

• Talk with Confederate soldiers as they prepare for battle

• Watch sharpshooters fire muskets from the attic window

• See rooms left in ruins by the invading forces

• Watch doctors perform surgery on wounded soldiers in a make-shift hospital.    

Children bandage

At the conclusion of the tour, cool off with a root beer in Shriver’s Saloon while younger visitors have wounds bandaged (a small spurt of blood on the bandage helps make the injury look more realistic) or make mid-19th century games to take along as a memento of their visit.

Reservations are available but not required

Admission: $12/adult; $10/children 12 & under