A Day in the Life of Sadie & Mollie Shriver

Special event illustrating children’s lives in the 1860s

Sunday July 3rd at 6:30 pm
Laundry day at the Shrivers

Sadie Shriver was seven years old in 1863; her younger sister, Mollie was five. Their lives were very different from a child’s life today. Without television or computers most of their day was occupied helping their mother, Hettie, around the house. Youngsters today would be surprised by the chores these young girls performed - from emptying chamber pots and working in the garden to their once a week bath, their lives were quite busy. On Sunday, July 3rd, at 6:30 pm, travel back in time to get a glimpse of a by-gone era and see what life was like for a young girl in the mid-19th century. This special event, A Day in the Life of Sadie & Mollie Shriver, is one of the programs offered during the 20th anniversary of the Shriver House Museum.

Children will play games in the garden, tour the Shrivers’ home to see Sadie & Mollie’s bedroom and toys, and learn about children’s clothing of the time. Pink lemonade and snacks will be served while youngsters decorate a pinwheel to take home as a lasting memory of their look back at a time long ago.

Space is limited; reservations are required. For additional information or to make a reservation for ‘A Day in the Life of Sadie & Mollie Shriver’, contact the Shriver House Museum, 309 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, PA, call 717-337-2800.

Date:           Sunday, July 3, 2016
Time:            6:30 pm
Admission:  $12/person