The Adventures of Sadie & Mollie

Sadie and Mollie Shriver grew up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in the 1860s. As travel was not easy at the time, the girls never had the opportunity to leave their home town to explore the rest of our beautiful country. But, with your help, now they can!

Below are a few of the places Sadie and Mollie have visited. Now it’s your turn. Send us a photograph and a short description of the adventures of your Sadie and Mollie dolls. If we post your photo on our website, you will receive a post card picture of the girls to accompany your dolls.

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Sadie & Mollie Visit Philadelpia, PA

  • Independence Hall
  • Sadie and Mollie with Ben Franklin
  • Inside Independence Hall
  • Liberty Bell
  • Shane's Confectionery
Thank you Anne & Lofton

Sadie & Mollie Visit Yellowstone

  • Sadie in Yellowstone
  • Sadie in Yellowstone
  • Sadie in Yellowstone
  • Sadie in Yellowstone
Thank you Tina

Sadie Visits Lake Mead & Hoover Dam

  • Sadie at Lake Mead
  • Sadie at Hoover Dam overlook
  • Sadie at Hoover Dam overlook 2
  • Sadie at Lake Mead 2
  • Sadie inside Hoover Dam
Thank you Brian & Sue